Reasons Why I Love Hard case suitcases

Reasons Why I Love Hard case suitcases

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Article by Nicolas

Reasons Why I Love Hard case suitcases

When you are planning a trip, one thing that comes to mind is Luggage. Usually, the price of a suitcase from a reputable company starts at $150 and reaches up to $2500.

They come in different designs, and sizes. While opting for a suitcase, it is important that it is in line with the type of travel you may regularly make, instead of a single trip you intend to make once. This way, you don't have to head to a store to get a suitcase every time you are traveling.


Want a suitcase that will last long? opt for the hard suitcases.

Hard Suitcases have a better strength to weight ratio than soft suitcases, especially when you buy these new lightweight hard cases offered on our website

As we travel, one thing that always worry us is the safety of our properties. With hard suitcases, you are not scared that it could be torn open with a knife, or something may be slipped into your external pockets.

Also, they are water proof!

My Personal Experience with My Swiss Gear Carry-On

If you are traveling with fragile items, going with hard suitcases will leave you satisfied because it offers the items in it better impact resistance.

I can remember when I was traveling on a train with a small hard suitcase that contained my laptop. It was foolhardy for me to not come with a laptop bag, but knowing myself, I knew that I could drift in and out of sleep, and my laptop bag could easily be snatched from my laps.

I opted for another option, placed my laptop in a hard suitcase, with my clothes tucked around it. Through the turns, bumps, and the rest, I felt the laptop was as good as gone, but when I checked the laptop was unscratched.

 Though soft suitcase may be a great option too, if you know that you intend to slip in fragile items in your suitcase, the hard one will work magic.

For long term durability, We Highly recommend our selection of Swiss Gear Luggage sets